A different film, different co-stars and a different plot.

But same result: Pathetic

Prabhu Solomon’s Laadam is made like a stylized Hollywood thriller with large helpings from various gangster movies, but does not fit in with the Kollywood milieu.

All the actors ham, there is no story or a basic plot and the film crawls at a leisurely pace for a thriller. The music is too loud and jarring and the blue tinge is irritating. Charmy has flaunted her body, and overacts to the hilt.

Two gangsters, Pavadai Samy (Kotta Srinivasa Rao) and Vempuli run the mafia in a city. They are at each others throat and engaged in a bloody war of egos’, as body count increases while the cops watch the fun.

Enter the hero Kunjipadam or Karupampoochi (Aravindhan), an unemployed youth who comes to the city for a job interview .He accidently gets involved in the gang war and is put in a difficult situation.

He has been given 16 days by Pavadai to kill Vempuli’s son, if he fails in his mission he will be dead! Adding to his woes he meets Angel (Charmy), a dare-devil of sorts, who joins him in his hide and seek game with the gangs.

And in the climax our lean and fragile hero turns into a one-man fighting machine who cleans up the city!

The message that Prabhu is trying to say is that, when benevolence and sincerity doesn’t work, bullets do. First and foremost the director has taken characters who exist only in Chicago or New York, and try to make them locals which sticks out like a sore thumb.

No Indian gangster will have the life style and guns that the baddies in the film have, and moving around in a luxury Volvo bus in the middle of the city and still undetected by the rival gang is hard to believe.

Charmy’s character is hard to digest and has been conceived for the oomph effects.

The film doesn’t work. You can’t take a bunch of newcomers and string them together in oddly edited sequences and label it as a “different kind of thriller”. To make matters worse, you have to tolerate Dharan’s pots-and-pan music. Forget it!

Banner:    COSMOS Entertainments
Cast:    Charmi
Direction:    Prabhu Salmon
Production:    P Mahesh Babu & D Nageswara Rao
Music:    Dharan

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