Lady Gaga: True to herself

Putting on a façade while on interviews, no way that isn’t her way. This is Lady Gaga for you. The lady who literally hatched out of an egg during the recently concluded Grammy’s and even won an award has candidly revealed in an interview that she does drugs.

But wait! She’s one lass who is totally in control. Though she absolutely admitted that she smokes a ‘lot of pot’ while penning songs, the songstress has also revealed that smoking marijuana and some whiskey helps her feed her creativity.

The singer though has clearly put a taboo on drugs for kids. She states the reason for coming out with the truth on drugs is for the sake of her fans and for the plain fact that she be truthful.

Lady Gaga who has a good rapport with her fan base was also quoted as saying that she is a lot like her fans and is able to feel their pulse.

We are sure, with this admission, all her fans will go gaga over her all over again!

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