Leopard mauls six in Siliguri stills

In a horrifying moment, a fully grown leopard pounced on a forest guard in Siliguri

1 thought on “Leopard mauls six in Siliguri stills”

  1. very bad very bad ! it is very clear the the forest guard is called when any one saw the leopard, the officer has to equipt themself in such that they no get scratches due to leopard punches they should mentally and with there coustume prepared , so that we can easyly sent back these animal to there home alive instead of killing!

    as the animal jumped as he felt life in danger, if the guards are well prepared themself to tackle then it is different story today on the news.

    IN the old day if any one killed a loin or any wild animal is the most regarded as great but in today world if we save a life is most regarded as great and valour

    Thing about this every one!

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