Love In Singapore

Rafi and Mecartin have delivered a dud with Love in Singapore. The title itself is a misnomer as there is no love in the film! It is unbearable and hackneyed and very difficult to sit through this travesty.

It is obvious that Mammootty has not read the script, as there was no such a thing. There is not even a basic one-line story in the film! The directors known for their humorous comedies has made Mammootty, Salim Kumar, Nedumudi Venu and Sooraj Venjaranmoodu (He is intolerable) to do some mimicry, as the audiences in the theatre hooted in disgust.

Machu (Mammootty) is a scrap dealer who is conned by an NRI Perera alias ‘Saiyupu’ (Nedumudi Venu) a rich stock investor to invest in stocks. Machu and his friends (Salim Kumar and Biju Kuttan)) soon realize that he was taken for a ride and want to teach Saiyupu a lesson by marrying his beautiful daughter Diana (Navneet Kaur)!

But the conman leaves for Singapore after cleaning up Machu’s bank balance. Machu goes in hot pursuit with the sole intention of getting married to Diana and being one-up on Saiyupu!

It is such a ridiculous and idiotic plot that drives you crazy. The directors make Mammootty do a “My name is Billa…” (Ajit’s walking song with Nayanthara and models) style song picturisation, where our hero wears different type of coolers and blazers and walks around with some dozen models!!

In the climax our hero does a Sly Stallone ‘Rocky’ style boxing bout with the villain in a boxing ring! Since the directors themselves are the producers they have scrounged on the costs and made tacky sets and it looks like Singapore exterior shots were matched with Kochi interiors. The music and background score of Suresh Peters is a snore. No comments about the artists in the film.

Wanna hear more; see more? Nah! We respect and love Mammooka, and would like to remember Rafi – Mecartin as director duo who give us great rollicking comedies like Punjabi House, Tenkasi Pattanam and not this banal and idiotic film. In one word, avoidable.

Banner:    M H M Productions
Cast:    Mammootty, Navneeth Kaur, Salimkumar,
Suraj Venjaaramoodu, Harishree Ashokan, Bijukuttan Rajan P Dev, Lalu Alex, Nedumudi Venu
Direction:    Rafi-Mecartin
Production:    Rafi
Music:    Sureshpeters

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