M Jayachandran back to acting

M Jayachandran had been a music director, who even while in his helm of activity as a popular music director, never spared a chance to appear before camera. Apart from being a regular celebrity judge in reality shows, he had also appeared for short cameos and promos of movies like ‘Perumazhakkalam’, ‘Karayilekku Oru Kadal Dooram’ and the recent ‘Manikya Kallu’.

For this new movie ‘Manikya Kallu’ Jayachandran will appear in an important role in a crucial scene. He will play himself in the movie as the popular music director who arrives at the school where the movie’s hero Prithviraj teaches. The shoot involving Jayachandran was recently canned at Palakkad by the director M Mohanan.

The movie will also feature three songs by M Jayachandran. Few will also remember that M Jayachandran had been a crucial part behind the super success of M Mohanan’s debut movie ‘Katha Parayumpol’ which had two chart topper songs by the music director.

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