Aadu Puli actor Aadhi exclusive interview

What is Aadu Puli about?
Its about a joint family with three generations living together and the generation gap that follows. However, like the title suggests, there is a game involved, only, it’s a mind game. Someone is playing games and causing an upheaval in the lives of these people and the villain is a surprise. The film is directed by Vijay Prakash.

Tell us about your co stars.

It was wonderful working with Prabhu sir who is completely down to earth. He is so reputed and senior I was hesitant to talk to him, but after the shots he would sit and chat with us and even gave me tips. KR Vijaya plays my grandmother and she is so graceful and charismatic even today. Ravichandran plays my grandfather while Anupama who played mom in Ayyanaar is my mom here too.
Poorna is my heroine. Prabhu sir plays an ardent MGR fan and names me Idayakanni.
How do you react to rumours linking you to Poorna?

Its just that, a rumour. She is very bubbly in real life and we are good friends. On the first few days I am usually reserved with my co stars but her friendly nature got us talking right from day one. The comfort level was helpful in the romantic scenes.

How come all your heroines so far have been from Kerala?

Its just a co incidence ! It’s the director’s choice and I have no say in it. But I must add that they are very talented and expressive.

You shot a difficult stunt scene hanging upside down. Tell us about that.

Yes, Dilip Subrayan handled the stunts. I had to hang upside down in a barn set with 400 cows. It was very taxing. Every half hour they would get me on my feet again and meake me lie down immediately, otherwise the blood flow to the head could be dangerous for so long. I had to lie down and then start again!

You have done your first love duet on screen. How was the experience?

Yes that’s true. So far there have been no love duets for me! We shot it in Ooty at a distance of three hours drive from the town. The locale has not been captured on screen earlier. Sundar C Babu’s music is very good. I also have my first introduction song and then a bar kuthu number. In one song I had to shoot for three days in sewage and dirty water. It was taxing but fun!

How is Aravaan shaping up?
I have done one schedule and the next starts soon. It’s a pleasure working with Vasanthabalan. He is a complete workaholic who forgets even to eat while shooting!
We have shot in forests, all on outdoors. I have to go bare foot so its not easy with leeches, stones, thorns and rocks in the dense forests where injuries are common. So are snakes! But it’s a wonderful experience which I am enjoying.

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