Maaveeran Movie Review

Film: Maaveeran

Starring: Ram Charan,Kajal Aggarwal,Srihari Devgil and Others

Director: SS Raja Mouli

Producer: Allu Aravind

Banner: Geetha Arts

Music: Keeravani

Maaveeran the remake of Tollywood mega blockbuster Magadheera is going to release big on tomorrow (May 27) in 110 screens in Tamil Nadu and especially 14 screens in Chennai.

Harsha (Ram Charan) is a young chap who makes money out of bike races and bets. He loves to do adventures on two wheelers. One fine day while traveling he happens to touch the hand of a young girl Indu (Kajal) accidentally and that soul touch connects his present to the past.

The story happens in the year 1609. Raja Parthiban (Ram Charan Teja) is the protector of Udayghad kingdom. Mitra (Kajal Agarwal) – the heir princess Udayghad kingdom falls in love with him for his bravery. But the Senadhipathi Randheer (Dev Gil) who is a nephew of the king wants to marry her and take over the Kingdom.

In a challenge, Raja Parthiban defeats Billa. Besides this, a Muslim emperor Sher Khan (Srihari) plans to take over Udayghad kingdom with the help of Billa. In an epic battle, Raja Parthiban saves the kingdom and also gets killed along with the princess.

After 400 years they take rebirth as Harsha and Indu and many characters like Sher Khan, Randheer and others from the past comes to present with the soul connectivity.

How do they trace themselves back to the past? How Harsha takes revenge on Billa and win his lady love in this birth?

That has to be watched on big screen to unleash those queries along with spectacular experience.

Ram Charan Teja: Undoubtedly, he stood as an icon of macho look. His portrayed the role of Raja Parthiban convincingly and effortlessly. His horse riding, sword fighting, dances are spellbinding. With Maaveeran he created a brand value for himself in Kollywood.

Kajal: Kajal Agarwal is the surprise pack of this film. She is the perfect fit to the role of a charming princess. Kajal is one factor that works hugely in favor of the movie. The Telugu directors show her better looking on screen than Tamil.

Dev Gill: Bollywood villain Dev Gill has proved his mettle with his sharp features. Especially during the past birth role he excelled.

Others in the film have also done justice to their respective roles.

Director Rajamouli should be appreciated for his guts to bring such a massive film on Telugu screen. The director’s handling of telling the story interesting narration makes the audiences glued to the screens. Screenplay is good. Rajamouli’s convincing concept of a love story that penetrates eras and generations is excellent.

Maaveeran deserves appreciation for sound effects, graphics, 3D effects, Senthil Kumar’s path-breaking cinematography and Venkateswara Rao Kotagiri’s editing harmonizes. Art direction by Ravinder is splendid. Action sequences composed by Peter Hynes are excellent. Tamil Dialogues by K Bhagyaraj are in perfect synchronization with the lips but not with chronology all the time. Every technical aspect has rightly worked on this film.

On a whole, Maaveeran’s opening episode is superb. First half of the movie is pleasant and second half is decent and is the soul of the film. Maaveeran is a good entertainer that can be enjoyed by all section of audiences. The film can be watched by the Tamil audience as there is a lack of an equally entertaining release in Tamil.

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