Magizhchi tamil Movie Posters

Known for his bio-pic on Veerappan on the small screen, director Gowthaman is all set to try his luck in cinema now. He has penned the screenplay and directed a film titled ‘Magizhchi’, besides playing the lead role in it.

The movie is based on a novel written by eminent author Neela Padmanabhan, a Sahithya Academy Award Winner. “It is a movie for everyone. It is one novel that impressed me and I read it over and over again. I actually spent 12 years penning the screenplay for the story,” the director says.

Apart from Gowthaman, director Seeman and Prakash Raj have played important roles in this movie. “Magizhchi is a genuine record of real life that portrays affection, kindness, love and passion and very nicely upholds the now-dying values of relationships,” Gowthaman says.

“The story line opens in the 13th century and touches on 1985 and 2010, thus spreading over three periods,” he adds. With Anjali and Karthika playing heroines, the movie has music by Vidya Sagar.

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