Mallika to act with Hollywood beauty Sharon Stone

Hollywood and Twitter-stricken, Mallika Sherawat, is leaving no stone unturned to flaunt her association with the rich and famous western celebrities.

The actress, who wastes no time in posting her pictures with the foreign biggies on her Twitter page, has recently added a picture of her with smothering hot beauty Sharon Stone. And there is quite a story behind the picture, as sources suggest that Mallika may soon be seen in a film with Sharon.

But wasn’t it the same case when Mallika had posted a pic with Salma Hayek? After posting a pic with Hayek, there were reports that Mallika had claimed the actress to be her best pal. However, when Salma was asked about Mallika, she could barely place her.
However, this time round, a source told news daily, “Sharon had heard about Mallika and from the time they arrived at the function, the two were inseparable. They sat together and right till the moment the event started, kept chatting about the work they are doing respectively for films and philanthropy. Post the event too they bonded again.”

“They were definitely talking about being friends from then on and planning how they should catch up soon. Sharon is always looking for new scripts to cast talents from across the world. Looks like Mallika has managed to charm Sharon as they have definitely had a talk on working together. The hottest girl in the West pairing up with the oomphy actress from the East will be a good combination to see,” adds the source.

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