Manchu Manoj’s Mr.Nookayya reloaded version

Manchu Manoj starrer Mr.Nookayya starring Kriti Kharbandha and Sana Khan has recently hit the big-screens and the film was appreciated for Manoj’s performance and his risky action stunts. Critics claimed that Mr.Nookayya storyline is good but there has been problem with its execution as few of the scenes looked dragged.

Now, taking this into consideration, the Mr.Nookayya makers are coming with the reloaded version that will be faster and sleek. The new version will be released on 16th or 17 th of March according to Manchu Manoj.

“Mr Nookayya ‘ReLoADeD’ version is rocking 🙂 u guys will see a faster sleek version:) I’m super excited 🙂 . It shud be out mostly by 16th or 17th 🙂 work going at rocket speed 🙂 ),” said Manchu Manoj.

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