Mani Ratnam loses his favourite location!

The Tamil Nadu state government has put a ban on film shoots in nearly 85 monuments in the state! The ban was imposed considering “the damage on allowing film shooting which also spoils the place and pile up of garbage”, according to the state archaeological department.

It clearly means no further shoot in some of the most popular historic locations like the famous Thirumala Naicker Mahal in Madurai.

Remember Mani Ratnam’s Bombay song “Kannanule..” where hero Aravind Swamy meets Manisha heroine for the first time? The song was picturised at Thirumala Naicker Mahal.

In Mani Ratnam’s classic Iruvar, Mohanlal who plays MGR struggling to enter films meeting Prakash Raj in the role of Karunanidhi then a budding writer for the first time in supposed to be the set of a historical film was actually shot at Thirumala Naicker Mahal.

The Tamil Nadu government wants to protect all ancient sites from film shooting. Madurai and surrounding areas alone have 16 such declared monuments.

For Tamil film director’s it is a major blow as historical monuments in the background are ideal location for hero expressing his “immortal love” for the heroine or shooting love songs.

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