Manisha Koirala Planning to Divorce

Manisha Koirala is just married for five months and what she has posted on the social networking sites has taken everyone by suprise. The actress wrote that she wants divorce from her husband Samrat Dahal. But what sound strange that few hours after she posted her thought, she deleted it.
But Manya least have the knowledge that once anything been uploaded on the site, it reaches to the millions in a fraction of second. Last Friday, she has posted the silly thing on Facebook that she is planning to get divorce and hoped her parents wouldn’t mind her decision.

Concerned friends and relatives started to console and enquired what went wrong in five months of their marriage.

Now the question is why Manisha deleted the post. Some say that she had realized her wrong and deleted it.

Friends close to Manisha brush off the rumours. “She is very happy with Samrat (Dahal). Like most normal couples, they must have had a fight and she must have put up the post.

She’s very emotional and whenever she’s upset, she reveals her feelings. It’s nothing serious and by now, I am sure Manya must be regretting putting up the post which is why she deleted it,” says a friend.

Koirala, who is currently in Mumbai for a few days commented about behaving childish, “I am super happy (with Samrat).

I was angry when I wrote that post. Sometimes I just react and write silly things ¦ I deleted the post because I realised that it would be taken seriously.”

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