Director: Shafi
Producer :P. Rajan
cinematography: Sanjeev Shankar
Screenplay :Rafi Mecartin
Music :Alex Paul
Lyrics :Vayalar Sarachadra Varma
Cast :Mammootty, Gopika, Sai Kumar, Manoj K Jayan, Vijaya Raghavan.

Mammootty and Shafi have teamed up to deliver a complete entertainer. Through Mayavi, director Shafi has tickled our funny bone. Mammootty plays the role of Mahe, who goes to jail very often, helps the needy and believes in doing good deeds. At night, masked and with the name Mayavi, he becomes a modern-day Robin Hood, fights against the bad guys and those who harm the poor people.However, the fact that it is Mahi who changes as Mayavi at times for doing good to the needy is a mysterious and closely guarded secret.During his one of his visits to the jail, he meets Balan (Manoj K. Jayan). Balan needs to be in prison for another three months; he is in dire need of money to save his brother’s life. His brother Satheesh (Manikuttan) has been hospitalized and needs a huge amount of money for his brain surgery. Every Independence Day, a prisoner is set free and Balan hopes that this time he should be freed so that he could help his brother. Unfortunately, instead of Balan, it is Mahe who is set free on Independence Day.

On behalf of Balan, Mahe goes to meet Satheesh and gives him the confidence that he will be saved soon. In order to make enough money in time, he agrees to take the responsibility of a murder which he will not commit. It is Thotapalli Surendran (Vijayaraghavan) and his brother who have planned to kill Kurupumthara Sankaran Kutty (Sai Kumar) who had killed their father.

On his way to Sunderan’s house, Mahe meets Indu (Gopika), who is also facing some complex problems in her life. She works as an accountant and manager for Sankaran Kutty’s family. In order to help Indu, Mahe dons the role of Mayavi again and tries to resolve the issues faced by her and her people. The story takes a curious twist and is filled with more laughter-generating scenes.

Though there are too many characters who come into the life of Mahe, director Shafi has made the actors deliver their best performance and the comic timing has been perfect. The work of comedians – Salim Kumar, Suraj Venjaranmoodu and Manikuttan is also impressive. After acting in a series of films focusing on social issues, Mammootty gives a stunning performance as Mahe alias Mayavi.

The scene in the hospital where he imitates a lady’s voice is really appreciable. Gopika has done her part well. Cameraman Sanjiv Shankar brings in some exotic locations of Kochi. Music by Alex Paul and the lyrics by Vayalar Sharath Chandra Varma are good. Muttaththe mulle chollu….song has become the most popular song of the album

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