Mirattal movie review

Movie : Mirattal
Director : R. Madhesh
Producer : Mediaone Global Entertainment
Music : Pravin Mani
Cast : Vinay, Sharmila, Santhanam, Prabhu

No extraordinary story, no unique formula, no major histrionics and yet this romantic comedy entertains and is a time pass fun ride. The story isn’t original as it is loosely based from Telugu hit Dhee, but has its good moments and brings a smile on your face as you leave the hall.

Follow your heart and not your head when you watch this comedy directed by Madhesh. It is not pretentious and has all the clich’s associated with movies in this genre. The director sets up believable situations and the best thing is that the film moves at rapid speed. The witty one-liners by Santhanam, Pandiraj and others keep you hooked.

The premise is quite familiar – A good hearted don Shankardada (Prabhu) dots on his little sister Deepika (Sharmila Mandre) who is studying in London. His arch rival’s (Pradeep Rawat) son, gets killed in a gang war and now the man is out to take revenge by targeting Deepika. Shankardada brings Deepika back to India and keep her in safe custody.

A young man Bablu (Vinay Rai) joins as one of Shankardada’s aids and as predictable as it can get, falls in love with Deepika with the support of his friend (Santhanam) and family (Pandiraj and Uma) and even gets married to her! What follows is a comedy of errors and how everything is sorted out in the end is all the film is about.

Vinay Rai is quite a charmer in his role but it is Sharmila Mandre who looks like a dream and shines throughout. Savitha’s dubbing for her is perfect and truly a fine debut in Tamil from this girl who has done a few Kannada films. The supporting cast of Santhanam, Pandiraj, Uma, Mansoor Ali Khan and Ganja Karuppu provides laughter.

On the downside, a lot of scenes like the Santhanam’s drunken scenes could have been trimmed in the second half. Music by Pravin Mani is mass but picturised in London locales which adds richness. This is not the finest of romantic comedies but it does make a good one- time watch.

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