Mirchi telugu movie review

mirchi-movie-reviewMirchi is a recent movie that has come out. The star cast of the movie includes Prabhas, Racha Ganguly, Anushka, Sathyaraj, Ajay, Sampath and others in the various roles. The film has been directed by Koratala Shiva. He has also written the story, dialogues and the screenplay of the film. The music of the film has been composed by Devi Sri Prasad. The cinematographer Madhie has lent in some excellent visuals for the movie. On the other side art director A. S Prakash has shown excellent talent by creating some of the most beautiful sequences in the film. The film has been produced by Vamsi-Pramod duo and it has been produced under the banner of UV creations. The film is 155 minutes long.

The story of the film is quite unique. It is about a young Indian guy named Jai, (played by Prabhas) who goes to study in Milan. He is an extremely handsome and suave guy and falls head over heels for Manasa (played by Richa). They meet for the first time during an eve teasing condition when some ruffians were teasing her and Jai comes to her rescue. However, when he decides to confide his feelings for her, the girl tells him that she lives in a remote village of Rantachintala that is located in the suburbs of Andhra Pradesh. Her family is being troubled by feudal problems. She requests him not to extend their relation more than just friendship. Saying these she leaves for India. Jai at the same time goes to Hyderabad and starts going to a college there. It is in this college that he comes across a bad guy and this person turns out to be Manasa’s brother. After meeting Jai and falling into good company he turns into a good person. On his requests Jai visits his village and again comes across Manasa. Jai’s attitude and behavior manage to impress Manasa’a family members. His philosophy towards life changes them. When Manasa’s family decides their marriage Jai confides to them that he himself had been involved in feudal problems and this leads his father disowning him. It had also leads his fiancé to separate from him. The rest of the story is to be watched in theaters.

Mirchi is a complete entertainment filled movie. It has within its cover all different types of exciting features. The action scenes and the delivery of dialogues are to impress anyone. Prabhas through his brilliant performance has proved the fact he is apt to play the role of romantic drama hero. The action sequences have been pulled off by him cleanly. The film has portrayed him in two styles. First as a romantic guy who woos his love and the other is a ravenous hero who is ready to plunge on to his enemies. The film is pivoted completely with his performance as he takes up most of the screen time and space. His style has been presented uniquely and the debutant director has left no stones turned while bringing out the scenes on the screen.

Brahmanandam has done quite well in creating certain comic scenes. Anushka too has performed quite and most of the second half remains alive due to her. The chemistry between Prabhas and Anushka has been portrayed brilliantly by the director. Richa has mild performance in the brief time that she has been allotted.

The cinema has been given some beautiful and melodious scores by Devi Prasad; the director has put in certain excellent dialogues that have kept the movie entertaining all throughout. It is evident that the fans of Prabhas are going to be very much impressed by the performance put up by him in the movie.

Verdict: Average

Rating: 3/5

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