Movies and sports are my passion: Sumanth

Sumanth is one of the fewest actors in Tollywood who loves international sports like basketball and football. He closely follows international basket ball and football matches. He wakes up at odd hours in the nights to watch these matches live. Now he is doing a sports based movie ‘Golconda High School’ where he plays a cricket coach.He is also an ardent cricket fan and accompanies Victory Venkatesh to watch cricket matches held in the country. He cheered Deccan Chargers and Indian teams at many matches.

Sumanth is now happy that he got to do a movie that is based on sports. He says movies and sports are his biggest passions and that the combo is more than what he could have aksed for.

“I am glad I am doing a movie with sports as the central theme. Cinema is my biggest passion and now it is blended with sports. I couldn’t have asked for more” Sumanth says.

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