Language:        TAMIL
Director:     R.T.Nesan
Cast:     Magesh, Sruthi Sharma, Samiksha

Congratulations to debutant RT Nesan for giving a film without getting inspired by formula movies in Tamil cinema. The director has made an honest and sincere attempt to give a film which has a good storyline and interesting screenplay.

Though the star cast is not very familiar, the actors have played their parts well. Ashok, Riyaz Khan and Sruthi Sharma have given the right emotions on the screen.

The movie is about Murugan (Ashok) who loves Amudha (Sruthi Sharma), daughter of a big shot.

The father Vinayaka Murthy (Mahadevan) and his henchmen Selvam (Riyaz Khan) and Mayilravanan (Vincent Asokan) destroy a studio, where they find a picture of the girl. Imagine their wrath when they come to know that Murugan is in love with Amudha. The boy is beaten up and sent out of their village.

Circumstances bring Amudha and Murugan to the city where they fall in love again with the same gang hot on their heels. Whether the couple unites or not forms the crux.

Ashok and Sruthi Sharma have made good use of the given opportunity. On the flip side, Vadivelu’s humour doesn’t click and the climax is lengthy. It could have been trimmed a bit.

Pithamagan fame Mahadevan walks away with all honours. He lends solidity to the role. The highlight of the movie is good musical score by Karthik Raja. A couple of hummable tunes and a rocking number regales the audience.

Cinematography is N Padmesh is good.

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