Muthukku Muthaga movie review

Cast: Vikranth, Harish, Monica, Oviya, Ilavarasu, Saranya Ponvannan, Natraj, Rajkapoor, Sujibala
Direction: Rasu Madhuravan
Music: Kavi Periyathambi

At a time when directors run behind racy themes and commercial cocktails, filmmaker Rasu Madhuravan is a rare exception. In ‘Mayandi Kudumbathar’, he touched up on the need for joint family and proved successful in wooing women audience to cinema halls.

With ‘Muthukku Muthaga’, the director is back to render a film for his core audience – womenfolk. Here again, he speaks about family ties, cultural and ethical values and the role played by parents in shaping the lives and characters of their children.

He not only narrates the story in an engrossing manner but ensures that it has enough elements in it to appease audience. With young and seasoned artistes playing part, Rasu Madhuravan has ensured that all comes good in Muthukku Muthaga, but for a slow narration.

The theme may been the one we would have seen in yesteryear Bhim Singh movies. But as they say, as long as films exist, there is no stopping for love and family stories.

Saranya and Ilavarasu have five sons. With his minimal earnings, Ilavarasu showers all love and affection on them and grows them up. As the years roll by, the sons grow up and have their own course of lives. What happens in one tough situation is what the movie is all about.

Saranaya and Ilavarasu are tailor-made for the characters. They have got under the skin of their roles and given their best. The likes of Vikranth, Natraj, Monica, Oviya and Veer Samar and others play their part around Saranya and Ilavarasu.

In ensuring that the film has enough emotional elements, Rasu Madhuravan has lost to infuse some pace in the script, which at times make the movie resemble a melodrama.

Specially when the second half begins, there seems to be some brake applied on the momentum. The leisure in the form of Singam Puli’s evokes laughter to an extent.

The songs too are like a brake on the movie’s progress. But Rasu can be appreciated for the fact that he has delivered what he has conceived. No glam scenes no double meaning dialogues, but a tale that speaks on the need to respect our parents, who toil hard for the welfare of their wards.

For those who love melodrama stuff, ‘Muthukku Muthaga’ may be a right destination.

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