Kullanari Koottam Movie Review

Cast: Vishnu, Remya Nambeesan
Direction: Sri Balaji
Music: V Selvaganesh

The ‘Venilla Kabbadi Kuzhu’ team is back with renewed vigour and enthusiasm in ‘Kullanari Koottam’, which is a breezy, feel-good film. Sri Balaji, a former associate of Suseenthiran, has managed to weave an entertainer that is worth a watch.

A light-hearted movie sans any punchline, weepy tale or crass comedy, ‘Kullanari Koottam’ may impress the masses. Knowing precisely what the audience want, the director has managed to get all elements right in his debut movie itself.

Vishnu, who proved his skills handling a comical role in ‘Bale Pandiya’, does take the whole burden on his shoulders and deliver goods. He is at ease all through and passes the muster.

Be it romance or situations where he gets into trouble for no fault of him, the actor is at his best. His body language and dialogue delivery fit very well to the character that he plays.

Giving him good company is Ramya Nambeesan. She, unlike her earlier films, plays a bubbly next-door girl. She has more to do instead of the routine cliched commercial heroine’s role.

The actress comes all through the film and does leave an impression. Then there are a whole lot of artistes including Appukutty and Suri among others who stole the show in ‘Vennilla Kabbadi Kuzhu’.

In a nutshell, the movie is about a callous youth who falls in love with a girl. He is thrown a challenge to hold his lady love’s hands. How he achieves the mission is what the film is all about.

The storyline may not be new to Tamil cinema. But the path taken by Sri Balaji is interesting. Vetri (Vishnu), an MBA graduate in Madurai, is waiting for a job. He lives in a happy family where his father is a teacher and his brother works in a private firm.

Interestingly, his father is totally against policemen and he wants his son to even keep off from going to a police station for any emergency. Meanwhile, Vetri’s small mistake in recharging his father’s mobile phone lands him in contact with one Priya (Ramya Nambeesan), a Vellore girl who pursues her studies in Madurai.

After initial acquaintance, both fall in love. Priya’s father is a police officer and in their town, every family-member wants to send their wards to Indian military service. Priya’s dad too wants his son-in-law to be either from military or a police officer.

Now Vetri takes up the challenge. He sets out on a mission to Chennai and manages to get a group of friends with whose help he plans to achieve his goal. But corrupt police officials come in between his dream. The rest is how Vetri, along with his friends, thwart the cop’s plans and achieve his goal.

The romance between the lead pair is interesting. Selvaganesh’s catchy music is the highlight of the movie. ‘Vizhigalile Vizhigalile…’ is a song to cherish. Other technical departments too add value.

Sri Balaji has managed to cast some fresh faces for key roles. They resemble those living next-door, leaving an impact straightaway. The director deserves a special pat for avoiding double meaning dialogues and sticking to the story.

Kudos to Sri Balaji and Vishnu for rendering a movie that is entertaining and light without any overdose of emotions. If you are not looking for a serious stuff, ‘Kullanari Koottam’ may be the right choice to spend few hours of your weekend.

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