My fans are in next stage: Vijay

“Things have changed a lot. Vijay fan clubs have become Makkal Iyakkam and my fans are now working hard for the welfare of the people and the society. I am happy about this,” Vijay has said.

Replying to questions from the public in a popular vernacular weekly, the actor said, “I never wanted my fans to stagnate. I wanted them to grow and move on to next stage. They are in this phase now.”

“Members of Makkal Iyakkam are doing things with a vision. They are in the forefront whenever there is a problem for the people. At the same time, I would also like to request them to concentrate on their families,” the Ilaya Thalapathi said.

Quiz him on the recent decision by his ‘good friend’ Ajith Kumar who dissolved his fan clubs, Vijay, who recently said that he admires Ajith a lot, replied, “It is his personal decision and I cannot interfere in it.”

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