Nadodimannan Movie Reviews

dilee_mannanDileep has immense screen presence and star charisma who can make a film with a silly storyline look entertaining on screen. The major plus of Viji Tampy directed Nadodi Mannan, is the comic timing of the actor who is able to make the film tick with the mass audiences.

Padmanabhan (Dileep) hails from Palakkad and organizes processions for various political parties to earn a living. But as fate would have it, he becomes the mayor of Thiruvananthapuram, after some dramatic incidents.

There are three heroines, a bold young woman named Meera (Ananya), a doctor from the royal family called Aathira (Archana Kavi) and a journalist named Rima (Mythily). The first half of the film is racy and entertaining, especially the Dileep and Suraj scenes and the way he becomes the Mayor.

On the downside, the second half is predictable and there are also a few garish and amateurish computer graphics, which makes it a drag. The second half plods as film is nearly 2 hours and 40 minutes, and needs trimming.

The film is for the hardcore fans of Dileep, who love his kind of slapstick comedy, there are some funny moments here and there as the hero mimics his trademark jokes. No wonder the audiences call him Janapriya Nayagan!

Bollywood actor Sayaji Shinde, who has surprised all with some terrific performances in the past, is quite impressive and with perfect lip sync.

Nadodi Mannan has been lying in the cans for sometime now and it has been worth the wait for his die-hard fans. But on the whole if you are looking for nothing more than a fun ride, it fits the bill.

Verdict – entertaining

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