nagaramBanner: Blue Sky EntertainmentsCast: Srikanth, Kaveri Jha

Direction:CC Srinivas

CREDITS:Producers: Anji Babu, Kishore Babu,Music Director: Chakri,

Director: CC Srinivas


How can you describe a film that has a clichéd plot and treated so lethargically? A terrible experience, right! That is precisely what Nagaram is – a lifeless boring drama.

The film is freemake of Tamil movie – Thalainagaram and has shades of Mohanlal’s Malayalam film Abhimanyu that has already been dubbed into Telugu. It has no proper script and the poor execution by the debutant director makes it boring. 10 minutes into the movie, you feel restless with all those boorish scenes and dull romantic sequences.

Jagapathi Babu as a good cop tries to salvage the movie but his character ends abruptly. Chandrasekhar aka Right (Srikanth) and his right-hand person (Ajay) work for don Khasim (Pradeep Rawat). Due to misunderstanding,nagara Right’s right-hand person kills Khasim’s son (Jeeva) and later the don too kills him.

As you expect Chandrasekhar aka Right to go for revenge, there comes a twist. He gets reformed, surrenders before ACP Chowdhary (Jagapathi Babu) and falls in love with a young lady (Kaveri Jha) who does research on rowdies. Meanwhile, ACP Chowdhary gets transferred and in his place comes an evil cop who wants Right to come back to crime. The rest of the drama is clash between them.

Srikanth, known for soft-roles, has dream of earning mass hero image. In order to become an action hero, he does this film without soul in which he gets chance to play to the galleries but it is not that effective. Jagapathi Babu does effective job as a police officer. Newcomer Kaveri Jha sheds clothes and indulges heavily in skin show particularly in songs. But she has nothing much to do other than this. Comedy is routine. Ageing diva Manisha Koirala’s item number doesn’t have fizz. Photography is adequate but music doesn’t impress.

On the whole, the film is badly made and it is better to give a skip.

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