Nagaram Movie Review

Director:Sundar C
Producer:Avni Cinemax
Cast:Sundar C , Anuya, Bose Venkat, Vadivelu

Sundar C is back with a bang! Nagaram, which he has directed after five years and does the lead role is a gripping drama providing whole hearted entertainment, and he delivers in a stylish way.

It is engrossing and moves like a thriller, with rapid twists and turns leading to a stunning climax. Sundar the director has also packaged it well with some rip roaring comedy. Vadivel as Style Pandi has as much footage as the hero and does enough silly slapstick, to bring the house down. Heroine Anuya oozes sex appeal, especially the sensuous way she carries herself in a sari.

The director opens the film in a style popularised by Hollywood action drama directors. The hero is fighting for his life in a hospital ICU as he unfolds his story and it up to the audiences to decide whether it will be a happy or sad ending. The hero Gate Selvam (Sundar) is a criminal, who while serving his jail term has been let out on the recommendation of his good friend local Inspector Sakkarapandi (Bose Venkat).

Selvam wants to change a new leaf and lead a crime free life. He is offered a job in Hyderabad by his former boss and drug lord Bhai (G Sreenivasan), for whose sake he went to jail. Selvam meets Bharathi (Anuya), a group dancer in movies and is attracted to her.

Meanwhile Sakkarapandi forces him to take up a job at the port, where he soon realizes that he is a transporter of contraband goods. And in a bizarre twist on his marriage day he is forced to go to Pondicherry to make peace with Bhai, who is gunning for his friend Sakkarapandi for stealing his drug consignment. The unexpected happens as the hunter becomes the hunted.

Sundar C as Selvam warms up your heart with his nice-guy-in-crook’s-cloth act. For a change he does not project the image as a larger-than-life hero, nor is he in your face romantic hero. He is very controlled, soft spoken, to the point and likeable. Anuya carries the glam act required of the heroine perfectly and looks hot and sensuous in the rain.

Bose Venkat as the cold blooded cop is a revelation. The 80 year old former actor G Sreenivasan, makes a fantastic comeback as Bhai. After Thalainagaram Vadivel and Sundar C comedy combo once again strikes gold. Vadivel’s slapstick comedy, especially the dog scene is hilarious.

Thaman’s melodious numbers and background score is riveting. Thiki Thiki… and Yen Peru… stand out and the best thing is that songs are not thrust and goes along with the story. Camera of Chelladurai gives the film a stark realistic look. The film at 2 hours 30 minutes could have been trimmed a bit, otherwise it is a nice time pass fare. In a word, Enjoy.

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