Namitha turns to jewellery designing?

When it comes to spending money there’s no one like Namitha be it designer shoes, bags, clothes and jewellery. The lady has a classy taste and spends like a queen.
And for her last birthday she gifted herself a 54 carat emerald ring, an antique piece worth a bomb.

And the pretty lady is contemplating with the idea of turning to jewellery designing and opening a store in a new property that she brought in the suburbs of Mumbai. And her family is encouraging her to keep herself busy with creative stuff.

And guess what Namitha is upto these days?

She seems to have become quite adept at parenting. She is a doting Foiya (aunt in Gujarati) to niece Yashvi who is a spitting image of her.

She spoils Yashvi rotten with gifts whenever she is back from shoot abroad and even takes the responsibility of looking after the little one. She has been taking her all around the town, buying her all the toys in town and having parties for her.

Nami also calls her the most beautiful girl in the world. Guess that’s what family ties are all about!

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