Netru Indru Naalai

Netru Indru Naalai, an SPR Entertainments India Pvt Ltd’s production directed by Lakshmikanth Chenna, is the next film of actor Ravi Krishnab. The actor is back after a small gap.

The movie begins on an interesting note, centring on a jobless village youth—Vetri (Ravi Krishna)—who leaves home to come to the city in search of greener pastures. But after the death of his parents, a hopeless search for a job, and watching the good life eluding him, he decides to commit suicide on the railway track.

But on the tracks he sees the dead body of a youth. Suddenly the corpse’s cell phone rings and he picks it up—and someone asks him to come and collect Rs 5 lakh the next day. Vetri is delighted and steals the phone, the identity and the well-stocked wallet of the dead man, Kishore.

The next day he gets another phone call asking him to collect the money and, overnight, he becomes a rich man. Girls who rejected him earlier now flock around him and he has money to live the good life and plans to migrate to the US.

However, trouble comes in the form of Bullet Poorna and Dharma Anna, a goon and a cheating moneylender who are actually connected to the dead man Kishore, who worked from them. They think Kishore has cheated them and vow to wreak vengeance. A new girl Swapna, who knew Kishore but never met him, also enters Vetri’s life.

How Vetri aka Kishore manages to put together the pieces of his new life, escape from the deadly goons who want their money back and win the girl, forms the story.

The highlight of the movie is the compelling narration and tight screenplay and the performance of the entire cast. One does wonder how Kishore manages to get away each time, but the track always comes up with an explanation. The story never lags but always keeps you on edge. Humour plays a vital role in this film, be it from the goons, the hero’s ironic life situations or Karunaa’s dialogues and characterisation.

Ravi has done well as the boy next door who completely transforms into the smart and savvy guy with money. Tamanna, in a guest role, does justice. Nasser as the moneylender brings in his inimitable touch both serious and comic at the same time.

The music is passable and there is an item number and a sizzling hot romantic song with the heroine Rekha (wrapped in a towel) as well.

The movie has a message in the end, but the manner it is conveyed makes for interesting viewing. A definite change from the usual mindless violence or mushy love stories of recent times. This is a movie definitely worth watching

Movie:Netru Indru Naalai
Producer:Suryaprakash Rao
Music:T Anil
Cast:Ravi Krishna, Akshara, Tamanna, Nasser, Karunaas

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