Nippu movie review

Movie : Nippu
Banner: Bommarillu
Casting: Raviteja, Deesksha Seth, Brahmaji, Rajendra Prasad, Dharmavarapu Subrahmanyam, Brahmanandam,
Direction: Gunasekhar
Music: Thaman S
Producer: YVS Chowdary

Mass Maharaja Ravi Teja has teamed up with his buddies Gunasekhar and Y.V.S.Chowdhary to come up with the film ‘Nippu’. The movie has Deeksha Seth as the heroine and Thaman has scored the music. Gunasekhar is the director and Y.V.S.Chowdhary is the producer. Let us see how the movie stacks up.

Story :

Surya (Ravi Teja) is a gym coach and he is very close to Sri (Sriram) and his family. Murthy (Rajendra Prasad) is Sri’s father and Meghana (Deeksha Seth) is his sister. Surya is a man who fights against any injustice he comes across and this brings him into direct conflict with Raja Goud ( Pradeep Rawat). In a separate track, Sriram gets into major trouble in Saudi Arabia and Ravi Teja must do everything he can to save his friend’s life.

In a curious twist of fate, only Raja Goud has the ability to save Sriram from certain death. Will Surya enter into a compromise with Raja Goud? How can Raja Goud save a man in trouble in Saudi Arabia? That forms the story

Plus Points :

Ravi Teja pulls off another highly energetic characterization with ease and one wonders how he manages to keep up those incredible energy levels so consistently. His trademark dialogue delivery and mannerisms are in full flow and his performance will bring cheer to his fans.

Deeksha Seth looks gorgeous and she actually acts pretty well. Together, Ravi Teja and Deeksha make for a good onscreen pair and their chemistry is good.Their romantic track has some highly entertaining moments. Brahmanandam brings a few laughs as Kasi.

Pradeep Rawat and Sriram are good in their respective roles. Brahmaji brings about a few laughs. I have said this before and will say it again. Why doesn’t the industry make better use of Brahmaji’s brilliant comic timing? Dharmavarapu has a brief but good presence. Director Harish Shankar makes a cameo appearance. Mukul Devi is ok.

The movie proceeds at a fairly rapid pace and there are hardly any boring moments in the film. You may not agree with some of the sequences but you definitely will not get bored. Some of the scenes are really entertaining and Ravi Teja’s punch dialogues work to good effect. Bommarillu spoof between Rajendra Prasad and Brahmanandam came out hilariously well. Some of the songs have been picturized well.

Minus Points :

Veteran artiste Rajendra Prasad is actually wasted in a role that has neither screen presence nor importance. Same is the case with Krishnudu. One wonders why he was even brought into this project for such an insignificant role. Jayaprakash Reddy fails to make an impact.

Master Bharath has lost tons of weight and consequently, all of his screen presence. His chubby looks were a major asset and it remains to be seen how will adapt his comic timing to suit his new lean frame. Geeta Singh is irritating in a cameo role.

The narration could have been a lot better. There is no smooth flow in the movie and the story keeps shifting back and forth in a very jerky way. The end to Sriram’s problems and the subsequent quarrel with Pradeep Rawat is not convincingly shown.

Visual effects are disastrous and some of the ‘stunts’ shot on Ravi Teja, like the one where he keeps jumping across trucks with a bike, will make you want to bang your head in frustration.

Technical Aspects :

Gunasekhar has shown brilliance in patches but he really needs to let go of his fascination for outrageous and unbelievable action sequences. He should have taken better care in terms of narration and screenplay. This movie does not have the typical Gunasekhar stamp. Cinematography is average and lighting is poor.

Dialogues are very good and Akula Siva has done a superb job. Editing by Goutam Raju is atrocious. Better Editing would have made a tremendous difference to this movie. Thaman’s background score is ok but music is strictly average. Dances have a typical Ravi Teja flavour to them and they are ok.

Normal fight sequences are good and they have been shot well. It is only when the special effects come into picture that the effect is spoilt.

Verdict :

Nippu is a movie that has many things going for it. But it also has some equally irritating flaws. Better care in narration and screenplay, coupled with smoother editing would have made the movie highly entertaining. On the whole, Nippu ends up as just a watchable formula Ravi Teja film. Go without expectations and do not look for logic in the movie.

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