Samantha fears to act again with Mahesh

New entrant to Telugu screen Samanta has jumped in ecstasy when she got an opportunity to act in the film of Mahesh Babu. She left several other chances to be part of the film as she thought it would be a big hit and take her to unimaginable heights.

But she doesn’t have the same ecstasy now. While Mahesh’s role is 100 percent in the film, her role was limited to just songs.

Though the scenes in which Mahesh heckles Samanta were big hits with the audience, they have hurt her apparently. “You are just six inches to the ground. If you want to see me you should lift your head as if you are looking at the first floor. What is my complexion and yours? You bird-faced girl (Yedava Pittamoham)” Mahesh says to Samanta in the film, funnily. Though the dialogues drew huge applause from the audience, Samanta is said to be really lamenting, with that ‘bird face’ of hers.

“Is it for this kind of role, that I have lost several opportunities for one year” she is said to be lamenting. Samanta who expected her career to sky-rocket after the release of the film, is said to be sad because of the minus report on her. She is said to be fearing to act once again with Mahesh Babu

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