Nirakazhcha Movie Review

Cast: Vincenzo Bocciaralli, Mamtha Mohandas, Manoj K Jayan ,Jagathy, Nedumudi Venu, Thilakan, Bijukuttan
Direction: Anish J Karinad

Aneesh J Karinad had been a journo and marketer before he attempted a chance in Mollywood. Making movies is a different ballgame that he must have realised after his debut movie ‘Nirkaazhcha. A product largely devised as a marketing tool for some of the Desi resorts, than a movie to appease viewers , this nonsense attempt might just be the one unwatchable thing to come out in recent times.

For any Mollywood regulars, this season with films like this would have made them appalled at the dreadful depths to which onscreen entertainment has fallen. Little can we question their sensibilities as this kind of trashiness that saturates any good intentions towards Mollywood, is sure to desist them from making one more try on movies made in the language, particularly from debutant directors. Watching this can make you mentally ill, add to that a review on these kind of tasteless, atrocious, and unprofitable films is unwarranted as it itself qualify them to end up as some sort of ‘a movie’ .

In a nutshell, the movie is about an Italian painter Lorenzo Fabri,(Vincenzo Bocciarelli) who is on a task to recreate Ravi Varma paintings. He falls in love with his model Shilpa, who is already in love with the Chenda artist Sreekuttan (Manoj K Jayan). Gradually Shilpa also starts loving and possessing the Italian, which leads into other twist in tales. To fill the gaps there are C I Marthandan (Jagathy Sreekumar), a local cop who is into a tuition centre run by Mamukoya to learn Italian, a Poovar Pookutty (Suraj Venjarammoodu) the music teacher, an Aksharavalli (Kalpana) the Malayalam tutor and a character by Bijukuttan, who pledges all his property and gold to stay in an Ayurvedic resort to find a German tourist to marry and ultimately fly to Germany. Add to these pathetic caricatures is the director Aneesh J Karrinad who himself appears as photographer Moonnar Mathai with a song pictured on him.

All these could have ended up as engrossing characters but the writing and execution fails to the extremes, to give you one of the most avoidable movies of the year.

With at Italian actor in the lead, here are plenty of scenes to voice concerns about the morality and values of the Indian culture and every scene stoops down to attempts of ridiculous misadventures. The poor Italian actor seems to be the scapegoat of all kind of unintended fun elements in the movie. The director just seems to have concentrated in placing ladies in bikinis and revealing costumes at regular intervals and Mamta Mohandas is one such object placed in the proceedings. This silly role remains the most un-demanded career move from Mamtha, who had been otherwise to skillfully written roles, in recent times. We are also surprised about what might have interested the other veterans who appear in the frames of such a thoughtless product. It also remains a criminal offence to use the names of Bharathan and world famous painter ‘Ravivarma’ to endorse such absurdities.

It seems that that Malayalam cinema organisations must sketch out some kind of courses or basic exams on film aesthetics, whose qualification will only allow people to become directors and filmmakers .Or else, it is sure that the results of this kind of ‘learning while making’ films will continue the mass erosion of viewers to’ other languages films’ that are made with real passion and dignified interests.

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