Mixed Response to Rahman’s CWG Tune

There seems to be a mixed response to AR Rahman’s composition for the Common Wealth Games 2010 anthem.

As most of his fans know, Rahman’s music is a slow poison which takes repetitive listening to get used to but his critics are merciless on him, saying it is a punch-less composition and no real pace for the games. The worst part of the response is the comparison of the CWG anthem with Shakira’s Waka Waka, which was the theme song for FIFA ’10. Critics and most politicians say that the CWG composition is no where near it.

The anthem- ‘Swagatham’ also called as Jiyo Utho Bado Jeeto seems to have drawn criticism from the Organising Committee of the Common Wealth Games, with a few members saying that the song could have been better when compared to classy tunes like Rahman’s ‘Maa Tujhe Salaam’. CWG boss Suresh Kalmadi liked the song but most of his colleagues feel averse.

The critics, politicians and the CWG officials want the song to be recomposed. The song was composed at the cost of `5 Crores by AR Rahman.

A few weeks earlier, Rahman said he was working on a few changes before the formal release of the song.

The music of the Oscar and Grammy winner has made millions of his fans ask for more. Most of the people want the song to be recomposed. But Rahman’s songs have always been chartbusters slowly. Repetitive listening is the key and lets see how Rahman reacts to all this.

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