No divorce: Bhoomika clears the air

Bhoomika is arked at a section of the media for reporting that she is planning to divorce husband Bharath Thakur. “This is extremely ridiculous. We are leading a happy life,” the actress says.

“I am an actress and he is a yoga instructor. It is practically impossible for us to be together all the time. It doesn’t mean that I got separated from Bharath when I was spotted without him,” she clears the air.

“Some reports said I am going to divorce him following the flop show of a film jointly produced by us. Will a wife divorce her husband just for the failure of their business venture?” asks the actress.

She adds: “We are very much together. I am currently shuttling between Mumbai and Hyderabad (where she is staying) because I have to take care of my ailing parents, who met with an accident last year.”

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