No new releases from today

The war between various association in the industry is finally into taking the last breath of the industry, which is already under incurable fatal prepositions. The latest decision from the Film Producers Association and the Distributors Association about not going for any releases or repeat runs in any of the major 48 centres and its 250 theatres, is sure to alienate the rest few of regular viewers, who take film viewing on theatres as their major entertainment activity.

The distributors, with the backing of producers have decided not to release new movies from any languages from today onwards in protest against the non acceptance of their key demands by the Film Exhibitors Federation. Sabu Cherian, President of the film producers association, explained that the major area of contention is the issues related to hold over and increasing the exhibitors’ share in the publicity cost of a movie. The other leading associations of the industry like AMMA and FEFKA also supports the producers and distributors in their demands and protests.

The decision will definitely affect the prospects of a number of new releases scheduled for this week and next week including ‘Oru Naal Varum’ featuring , ‘Nallavan’ featuring Jayasuriya and Vineeth Sreenivasan’s ‘Malarvaady Arts Club’.

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