No One Killed Jessica director in love with Rani?

Is No One Killed Jessica director Rajkumar Gupta secretly in love with Rani Mukerji? According to members of the film
crew Gupta couldn’t take his eyes off her whenever she was on the sets.

Divulges a source, “It was quite obvious for everyone that Raj was quite smitten by her. He found every excuse to be close to her and even insisted on playing a cameo in the film where he gets to propose to Rani’s character.”

The situation in the script demanded one of Rani’s character’s colleagues in the office to shout a marriage proposal to Rani.

Apparently, some other actor was supposed to do that role. Raj insisted on playing that role just for the pleasure of proposing to Rani.

When asked about the special bonding with his leading lady, Gupta laughs, “Yes that’s me shouting, ‘Marry me’ to Rani in one sequence.

Someone else was supposed to do the cameo. But no one had the guts to say those two words to Rani. So I took up the challenge.”

Choice made

One doesn’t know how far Gupta’s ardent feelings for Rani go. But one hears he has already decided to cast her in his next film Rapchik Romance, an out-and-out romantic musical with lots of songs, fun and masti.

Says Gupta, “It’s too early to talk about whom I’d cast in Rapchik Romance. I’m still writing it.

But yes, it’s a film I am very excited about. After Aamir and No One Killed Jessica I don’t want to be typecast as the director who only makes hard-hitting social dramas.

I want to surprise everyone, including me.” As for casting Rani again, “Why not?” comes the defiant retort.

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