Old Producer’s Chivalry!!!

Producers (Film) are producers, it doesn’t matter whether they are young or aged. Film producers getting amorous towards actresses is not new to cine field. The interesting part of the story is the ‘magnanimity’ shown by the oldie here. Heroine Deeksha Seth is a newcomer to Tollywood and is currently acting with Raviteja in “Mirapakai” and with Gopichand in “Wanted” movies. It so happened that, some old producer pals got together recently to party. Naturally, after belting down few shots, their conversation turned to actresses. An old producer with belly full of spirits said “I get excited very much when I look at the newcomer Deeksha Seth draped in a saree. I’m ready to pay whatever amount she asks for, if only she spends a night with me.” Of course, it doesn’t matter who the amorous producer is, since none of his friends took him seriously and just laughed it away.

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