Panjaa movie review

Film: Panjaa
Starring: Pawan Kalyan,Sarah Jane Dias ,Anjali Lavania ,Jackie Shroff ,Atul Kulkarni ,Brahmanandam,Ali
Director: Vishnu Vardhan
Producer: Neelima Tirumalasetti,Nagesh Muntha,Shobu Yarlagad
Banner: Sanghamitra Arts and Arka Mediaworks Pvt Ltd
Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja


Bhagawan (Jackie Shroff) is a dreaded don who is protected by Jaidev (Pawan Kalyan), a follower and in fact power of Bhagawan. There is a rival gang for Bhagawan Kulakarni (Atul Kulakarni). Jaidev has a fiend Jhanvi (Anjali Lavania) a club dancer and Bhagwan’s psycho son Munna (Adivi Sesh) shows his insane attitude on her. Jai also runs a nursery garden and his life takes a turn when Sandhya (Sarah Jane Dias) enters his life. He falls in love with her. Meanwhile Munna kills Jahnvi as she rejects him and in turn Jai kills him and becomes the target of Bhagawan. The rest of the story is to be watched on the big-screens.


Pawan Kalyan carried of the whole film on his capable shoulders. His screen presence works like wonders. Pawan Kalyan looked handsome in his distinct rugged look which is apt for the role. He gave his 100% for the role entertaining the audiences with his action, dance, comedy and romance.

Sarah Jane Dias, the former Miss India lacks good looks but she carried of the role in an impressive way. The modern look suited her best than the traditional half saree look.
Anjali Lavania looked hot and she delivered her best with scintillating moves in the item number Veyyi ra.. However, she has a very limited role.

Adivi Sesh is a revelation. He is mind blowing in his negative role, Brahmanandam is good, Ali is wasted, Jackie Shroff and Atul Kulkarni were fine, Jhansi, Subbaraju Thanikella Bharani did their bit as required.

Technical Analysis

The technical aspects of Panjaa are lavish and good. Cinematography by PS Vinod is scintillating and keeps you interested; Abburi Ravi’s dialogues are not up to the mark except a few punch liners, Editing could have been better in the second half, Yuvan Shankar Raja’s music is mesmerizing with Ela Ela standing out while the Background score is elevating. Vishnuvardhan’s direction is good especially the action scenes are dealt well but then it’s the shoddy written script that is a let down. The production values are lavish.


Panjaa has a known yet interesting storyline and the presentation was stylish with each frame looking lavish but the narration was weak. A story of such scripts needs to be racy keeping you edge of the seats but this is where Panjaa falters. Panjaa is good on its technical front but the content was strictly mediocre. Vishnuvardhan could have concentrated on the content rather than much on the stylish taking. Screenplay was weak and the movie moves at a slow pace with dragged moments. The interval part was the best scene and the pace again picks up only in the end. Paparaydu song is one of the highlights and would be a treat to all fans. The film lacks commercial elements which are expected by Pawan Kalyam’s fans. With the big names involved with the project, the expectations on Panjaa were quite high but, it failed to meet up to the expectations. Panjaa is not a range of what Pawan Kalyan’s fans are expecting from long time and at the same time it’s not a bad film either.

At the Box-Office, Panjaa will open to record collections due to Pawan Kalyan’s crowd pulling factors while its survival at the Box-Office will be questionable.

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  1. Hi friends,

    Just watched this movie, and all I can say is that the reviews are very far from what they comment. I’m sure you will have entertainment throughout the movie and worth your 100/- or 15 £ or $. Don’t just read the reviews and stop going to the movie, it’s very stylish movie, very well picturised. Songs are plus point. What I didn’t like is Jackie Shroff role, but rest is all too good. May be I’m wrong in saying this but what I think is that these reviews are not 100% genuine or based on remuneration these review writers or web sites get. In short, just go and enjoy the movie!!!!!!

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