Paradesi Movie Review

Movie : Paradesi
Director : Bala
Producer : Bala
Written : Nanjilnadan
Screenplay : Bala
Based on : Red Tea by Paul Harris Daniel
Starring : Adharvaa,Vedhicka,Dhansika
Music by : G. V. Prakash Kumar
Cinematography : Chezhiyan
Editing : Kishore Te.
Studio : B Studios
Distributer : JSK Film Corporation
Running time : 120 minutes[
Budget : INR36.5 crore (US$6.64 million)

Story: Ottuparuki alias Rasa (Adharvaa) is the local messenger, who travels across to different villages, delivering the news! Angamma (Vedhika) is a bubbly village belle, with a soft corner for the lively Rasa! However, the villagers are against Angamma getting involved with him, and warn her against it. Sensing the need to prove himself he decides to work in Zameendar’s tea plant. Rasa’s struggle for freedom at tea plantation forms the crux.

Performances: Lead Actor Adharvaa is stunning throughout the movie. His big expressive eyes bring out many emotions. His extreme physical and mental effort can be seen clearly on screen. Climax act was top notch. Vedhika is sure to make a mark with her character which has both shades. She brings out some relief from proceedings during interval. Dhansika gives some quite subtle reactions. Her character is contrary to Vedhika’s character but still she is the show-stopper.

Director Bala has come up with innovative story line. Paradesi is based on novel The Red Tea (written by Paul Harris). The film depicts the wretched lives of tea plantation workers. Director Bala shows us the lives of carefree and poor villagers who are forced to work as slaves for rest of their lives with no trace of freedom. The first half is smooth going with few heart touching scenes and interval bang is absolute outstanding. In the second half of the movie Adharvaa steals the show with his sheer acting skills along with Dhansika who plays the role of abandoned mother of 2 children. Climax is remarkable.

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