Pizza Movie Review

Movie: Pizza

Cast: Vijay Sethupathy, Ramya

Music: Santosh Narayan

Producer: CV Kumar

Director: Karthik Subburaj

Michael (Vijay Sethupathy) is a pizza delivery boy. He has a live-in relationship with his girlfriend Anu (Ramya Nambisan), who is an avid reader of ghost stories.

Michael does not believe in ghosts or about paranormal activities. However Anu warns him and tells him- “your moment will come”. One day Michael on a home delivery to a mysterious bungalow stumbles into something creepy that changes his life forever.

Debutant director Karthik Subburaj’s premise, milieu and overall packaging of this romantic thriller make this Pizza crispy at the same time yummy. The background score and music of Santosh Narayan (Attakathi fame) is a major plus.

The director seems to be heavily influenced by Manoj Night Shyamalan and his type of films of ‘seeing dead people’, with several nods to The Sixth Sense and Shining. But Karthik has been able to create the adequate dread and suspense in the mind of the audiences – Is Michael hallucinating or is he telling the truth?

The last 10 minutes with a stunning ending have all the answers which you were seeking in the 127 minute film. Dwelling further on the story and packaging would be a spoiler.

Technically the film is good with Gopi Amarnath the cameraman able to create the required dread and editing of Leo John Paul which increases the anxiety. On the downside you can see red herrings towards interval point. Why go on dragging the paranormal activities in the bungalow in the first half, with scenes being repeated?

Vijay Sethupathy is the right choice as the pizza delivery boy and he shines while Ramya Nambisan is endearing as the cunning Anu. The supporting cast of friends and owner of the restaurant Adukalam Narain , Pooja makes it creepy and interesting.

On the whole it is a film which is entertaining and at the same time different in its approach. Grab a slice of Pizza, it’s yummy.

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