Plus Two Movie Review

Banner: Risun Pictures
Cast: Shafna, Roshan, Vishnu Mohan, Justine John, Deepak Murali, Sajin
Direction: Shebi Chavakkad
Production: Ramesh Babu
Music: Manu Rameshan
In a season of fresh dependable inputs into Mollywood like ‘Apoorvaragam’ and ‘Malarvady Arts Club’, the latest arrival in theatres ‘Plus Two’- the debut feature by Shebi Chavakkad also qualifies into a movie that can be watched. Though with predictable narratives which take some cross-connections with its attempts in the later half, an almost decently made flick is more than what you can ask for, in a month of absurd movies that came out in dozens last week.

The scripts by Jain George tells an engaging coming of age story of teens, with five students of senior secondary level studying in an international school -Prince, Faizal, Shambhu, Mathews and Ranjith- in their audacious life stages of adolescence. And when Prince, the son of NRI parents, spot an young girl Meenakshy, left in a situation with no one to take care of, he invites her to his home where he is staying alone .Within days, his friends spot Meenakshy in the house .The initial adventure about the plans to hide the orphaned girl in the house, turns serious as Prince falls in love for her.

The highlight of the movie is that it is not exaggerated and remains modest with a passable narrative on a not so believable plot. The initial reels show plenty of promise and take into account every aspects of thinking lines of the age group of its protagonists. But the pace drops drastically in the second half and even Mahesh Narayan’s editing doesn’t help the narrative from occasional dragging. One can’t overlook the loose ends in the story for its lighthearted storytelling. Had the script been trimmed to let out the unwanted sequences, the movie would have been a lot better.

The movie also offers occasional smiles with Salimkumar and Suraj Venjaaramoodu aiding the proceedings. Shebi succeeds in extracting decent performances from the entire cast, including the five fresh faces in the lead who are adequate in their roles. Shafna gives a mature, controlled performance to hold the movie. Also on the upside, the film is blessed with a brilliant musical score by Manu Rameshan , of which ‘Kannolam…’ seems to be the pick of some effectively visualized songs. Also his treatment to the background score is refreshingly different and aptly complements the flavor of the film. Cinematographer Dileep Raman imparts colorful richness to the frames. Dialogues by Jain George are funny at instances but some romantic discourse sounds labored and verbose. Slick editing by Mahesh Narayanan is another highpoint of Plus Two’.

The directorial side of the movie is promising with Shebi easily qualifying as some one to look forward to in future Mollywood. In the Box Office, the movie is expected to end up an average fare, with the rains and fasting season taking on much of its collections. All in all, this ‘Plus Two’ remains a simple and small movie which can easily qualify for your hassle-free, undisturbed viewing for the weekend.

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