An Interview with Sonam Kapoor

Sonam Kapoor is fun. Be it food, flab or waxing…ask her anything and she will come up with politically incorrect answer. In Kolkata to promote her film AISHA, the actor tells our correspondent she is yet to become a woman
Ever since AISHA was announced, you are telling that the character is very much like off-screen Sonam Kapoor…
Ya…there are similarities between Sonam and Aisha…I too am a girl trying to become a woman…I am not quoting Britney Spears (laughs). But then, there are differences as well. I started working at the age of 18 and I don’t spend Papa’s (Anil Kapoor) money, unlike popular belief.

AISHA is based on Jane Austin’s Emma. Have you seen the Hollywood version of the film where Gwyneth Paltrow played the protagonist?
Yes…I have seen it and Paltrow is one of my favourite actresses. But her’s was completely based on the novel…set in the same era; mine is about today’s time. But then, Paltrow did a great job and of course, done a better job than I have…she is a better actress.

Your younger sister Rhea turns producer with AISHA. How was it working with her?
She is cute and I love her…she is an extremely pragmatic human being. Rhea was the biggest boss and dictator on our sets, so much so that we completed shooting two days before our schedule. We worked like dogs and wrapped up in 67 days instead of 69, which is quite unheard of in Bollywood. Also, she made us complete the film in budget…Papa and PVR Cinemas were very happy. She has great leadership qualities.

During the shooting of AISHA, there were lots of speculations that you and co-actor Abhay Deol are a couple. How far was that true?
You tell me…you only said they were ‘speculations’. Abhay is awesome…a great actor and I would like to act with him again and again. We get along like a house on fire…all I have to do is to sulk a little and he will give me whatever I want.
“I want Leonardo Di Caprio to happen to me”

In your initial days, it was direction that you were particularly fond of. So, what made you turn to acting?
Yes…I do love direction. My first work in Bollywood was that of an assistant director at Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s BLACK. I never wanted to be an actor…I always wanted to be a writer or a director. It was after I started acting; I found it amazing and fell in love with it. Now, acting has become my passion…and directing has flown out of the window. However, even today, I would like to do anything related to filmmaking…may be a writing scripts, because by now, I have realized that I cannot manage people (that’s a must for a director)…I am not at all a people’s person.

How do you take criticism?
Fortunately, I have never been criticized. I always had great reviews and all good words spoken about me. So, don’t know how to answer that question.

Would you like to share screen space with your dad sometime soon?

Yes…I wish. I am a very selfish actor and you are only as good as your co-star because acting is all about reacting. And Papa is so brilliant that if ever I work with him, may be, I will become as good.


Can we see Ranbir Kapoor and you together again?

I hope so. But Ranbir and I are busy for the next couple of years with our respective projects. May be, when we are free and get something interesting, we’ll do it.

What are your next projects?

I am doing MAUSAM, directed by Pankaj Kapoor, opposite Shahid Kapoor; and after that Anees Bazmee’s THANK YOU opposite Akshay Kumar.

Where do you see yourself after five years?
You know, if I think of it all the time, I will not have fun. I think you should live each day as it comes. Just smell the flowers.

Coming to lighter things. You always carry yourself with a lot of panache. How much research do you have to put while selecting a dress for a particular occasion?
(Hahaha) I love dressing up in something that’s girly, sophisticated and fun at the same time. I believe in maintaining individualism. Dress up for the heck of it…just have fun. For films, I have to work on my looks as required by my character. Off-screen, there’s Anamika Khanna (fashion designer).

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