Poi Solla Porom

Matinee magic? Yes, director Vijay’s Poi Solla Porom, a remake of Jaideep Sahini’s Khosala Ka Ghosala, is a fun film which will work with the multiplex audience.

The story is about middle class people and their craving for a home, which leads them to unscrupulous real estate agents who con them of their savings.

Sathyanathan (Nedumudi Venu) is an upright retired government officer with typical middle-class values. He has a happy family consisting of his loving wife, two sons—Uppilinathan (Karthik) a techie, and Viswanathan (Om), a student—and a teenage daughter.

Sathyanathan invests all his earnings in a plot of land in Velachery. A real estate dealer (Haneefa) cons them with the backing of the land shark Baby (Nassar), who grabs the plot and claims that he has documents to prove it as his own.

The good guy Sathyanathan does not want to get into further mess and almost gives up his attempt to thwart Baby’s predatory tactics. But his sons don’t give up that easily and decide to dupe the fraudster of his millions in order to pay him back the money he demanded to free the land he is squatting on!

Enter some nice guys associated with a drama troupe (Mouli, Pia, Balaji) and a travel agent Asif Iqbal (Bossky) who has his own axe to grind with Baby. They help Uppi plan and execute the wildest attempt to get his father’s plot back, making you laugh with their novice attempts at playing mean.

It’s great fun fare, but the film moves slowly in the first half and warms up only towards the rip-roaring climax. The trouble with the film is that Nedumudi Venu, one of the finest actors in Malayalam, has been miscast as Sathyanathan. His style and dialogue delivery are suited only for Kerala nativity, and the big mistake has been using Rajesh to dub for him in Tamil. Venu’s meek body language and Rajesh’s stern voice just does not gel.

Anyway, Nassar, the sleaze ball real estate shark, makes up for all that with his act as the comic villain. Mouli, Bossky and Balaji, each time they enter the screen, has the audiences rooting for them. Karthik Kumar as Uppili, is a guy to watch out for—it is his best role till date and Om, the new guy, has a future.

M G Sreekumar’s music is not suited for the Tamil audiences. The major plus points are Aravind Krishna’s camera and Antony’s simple cut-to-cut editing.

Vijay has given us a fun film of the first order that is sweetly realistic.

Movie:Poi Solla Porom
Cast:Karthik Kumar, Preethi, Nedumudi Venu,
Mouli, Nazer, Delhi Ganesh

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