Poola Rangadu movie review

Movie : Poola Rangadu
Director : Veerabhadram
Producer : Atchi Reddy
Cast : Sunil, Isha Chawla, Dev Gill, Pradeep Rawath, Kota, Ali, Sudha, Duvvasi Mohan and others

Ranga (Sunil) buys a land that is in dispute near Warangal. Konda Reddy (Dev Gil) and Lala Goud (Pradeep Rawat) have been fighting for that land. So Ranga wants to sell off the land but these two dons would not allow anyone to buy it.

Knowing he is in a fix, Ranga approaches his friend (Ali) who advises him to befriend Anitha (Isha Chawla), Lala Goud`s daughter. Soon he falls for the charms of Anitha and fresh problems start for Ranga. How he succeeds in selling off the land and wins his love forms rest of the story.

Sunil, who is going through a rough phase after the disastrous Appalraju, is back in form with Poola Rangadu. His comic timing and performance lifts this movie. Though the basic story is copied from the Malayalam film, Pandippada (2005) , Poola Rangadu offers good entertainment and genuine funny moments, thanks to Sunil.

There is nothing new in the movie and its presentation but the movie works well because of good comedy dialogues and good music. Director Veerabhadram`s screenplay is also sufficient enough to glue to the theaters.

First half of the film is fast paced and engaging. Second half of the movie is a bit slow but monotonous but it picks up towards climax. On the whole, the film is a fairly engaging comedy movie.

Sunil is extremely good when it comes to acting and dancing. It is his show all the way. The so-called six-pack body that he shows off for the audiences in a fight sequence is `okay`. Heroine Isha Chawla as a glam doll is fine. Ali provides some nice laughs. Dev Gill and Pradeep Rawat are good. Telangana Sakunthala, Kota, Krishna Baghavan, and Pridhvi are good in their respective roles.

Anup Reubens music and songs gelled with the story and Sunil has come up with good dance steps for those songs. Prasad Murella`s cinematography is neat. The film has decent production values too.

Editor should have trimmed the film in the second half. Director Veerabhadram has succeeded in bringing out good comedy scenes and packaging the movie well.

Poola Rangadu has good comedy scenes and provides enough laughter for the most part. Though the film has nothing new to offer in terms of story and screenplay, the movie engages the audiences with its comedy, which is its sole strength. Watch the movie for good entertainment.

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