Poonam Bajwa goes for image makeover

She’s just five films old in Kollywood but is determined to make her presence

felt. After ‘Thambikottai’, the pretty and perky Poonam Bajwa, returns with a fiery determination to make a mark in tinselville with ‘Ethiri Enn 3’.

A glamorous photoshoot recently is also another factor that’s brought in the phone calls from the industry and enhanced her oomph quotient. So it’s no surprise that the actor is in the best of spirits as she gets ready to shoot for the film. “We have just shot a song sequence with six different sets for ‘Ethiri Enn 3’, directed by Ramkumar,” informs Poonam who is pairing with Srikant in this film.

“We worked together in Drohi where I played the female lead opposite Vishnu.”

Basking in the appreciation that she got from her photoshoot, Poonam stresses, “It’s not just a makeover. I have been wanting to do a photoshoot like this for a long time. As an actor, I need to keep upgrading and experimenting with my


There was another reason as well.

“I wanted to prove that I can carry out diverse looks and costumes and do different roles from the half sari clad ones that I have been doing so far. So I went in for a western look that is glamourous but not vulgar,” she explains.

Speaking about her latest film, she reveals, “I play a TV journalist. I’ve been watching more of television lately to see the body language and presentation

of the women journalists. I’m really impressed by the way they work in remote areas, reporting calamities and issues, even if it is rough weather or rocky terrain. They travel to places where there is no electricity or proper roads but do their jobs with determination. I think I can relate myself with these strong, bold,

optimistic and courageous women. I’m really excited to play such a firebrand journalist.”

Incidentally, in real life too, Poonam once dreamed of becoming a TV journalist. But destiny had other plans and films is where she found her calling. “I entered films on a lark, during my class 11 vacations. But the adulation is surely addictive and soon I was in love with the medium and here I’m,” she grins.

But the actor confesses that she is lazy when it comes to things like dressing up

or working out, though they are vital factors in showbiz. “I owe a lot to my friend Tamannaah who keeps egging me on. Now at least I’m working out regularly,” she laughs

With two Malayalam, one Kannada and four Telugu films under her belt, Poonam seems firmly entrenched in Tinseltown. And now with the bold and beautiful look that she’s adopted, looks like this is one actor who is here to

stay after all!

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