Poonam Pandey releases bedroom secret trailer

Poonam Pandey releases bedroom secret trailer

After bathing secrets, model Poonam Pandey now released on her website ‘Bedroom Secrets’ trailer. On her Twitter page, she has confirmed posting ‘The Bedroom Secrets’ trailer.

Poonam at the same time rubbishes the report that she is doing all this for Bollywood movies or reality shows, She tweeted, “Heard Many News about this that i am doing all this to get Bollywood Movies or Realty Showz.. But they shud know that i have rejected 16 Bollywood Movies & All the Realty Showz Coz my DREAM is to Fly over the RAINBOW so High!! 🙂 🙂 www.poonampandey.co.in Enjoy the New Trailer.”

Poonam Pandey dedicated the bedroom secrets to the Indian cricketers, she tweeted, “Check the Trailer “The Bedroom Secrets” Dedicated to Men in Blue on der Win http://www.poonampandey.co.in/ Thanx to Youtube & all My Fans Love u all.” In another tweet, the model wrote, “This is Victory That Youtube (Gave us the Green Signal) is the Victory of all of u Lovely Fans who Love me sooooooooo much!! i Love u alll”

Poonam’s bathing secrets was an instant hit on Youtube. It was watched by 7 million people.

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