Poorna Relationship With Actor Aadhi

It is strongly rumoured in Kollywood that actress Poorna is in the middle of a ‘live-in relationship’ with actor Aadhi, her co-star in the film ‘Aadu Puli’. The actress was compared to Asin for resembling the latter’s looks and much was expected of her but she promised much and has failed to deliver so far.

After debuting opposite Bharath in Thirumurugan’s ‘Muniyandi Vilangiyal Moondraamandu’, Poorna acted in a handful of films but never appeared to be making the grade to the list of leading actresses. Despite her acting prowess and a fit-enough face for an actress, it’s Poorna’s attitude which is said to be working against her.

Ever since her debut, she has been rumoured to be having rumours with her co-stars: first it was Bharath, then Nakul and finally it’s Aadhi. Though their solitary film together didn’t do rousing business at the box-office, they have reportedly become so ‘close’ to each other. Rumours have started surfacing that they now share a ‘live-in relationship’ sans marriage.

The couple had earlier dismissed rumours that they were a ‘pair’. Now with rumours of the live-in relationship doing rounds in Kollywood, it remains to be seen whether the relationship would culminate in marriage or go awry!

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