Poppins Malayalam Movie Review


Genre: Family Drama

Director: V K Prakash

Lead Actor: Ann Augustine, Jayasurya, Kunchako Boban, Mythili, Nithya Menon, Padmapriya

Composer: Ratheesh Vegha

Release Date: November 30th, 2012

Producer: Darshan Ravi

Banner: Dimac Creations, Central Pictures (Distribution)

Other Actors: Siddique, Shankar Ramakrishnan, P. Balachandran, Sreelatha Namboothiri, Master Dhananjay, Baby Nayantara, Saloni Aswani, Aparna Nair

Poppins directed by V K Prakash, may not be compared to his earlier classics, Beautiful and Trivandrum Lodge. However many places we can see excellence in performances by the actors, who take the script to another level, for otherwise an average script. Poppins verdicts will change for each one , depending on how one conceive this film or rather I will say if we are going to find negatives on this flick, yes they are too many. however if we planned to pick positives that too are in abundance. Now its viewers call to make which one? Positive or Negative.

The film talk about  Hari (Sankar Ramakrishnan), a struggling film maker who wanted to make a dream movie. And his wife Gauri (Mythili) is his right hand gives him all the support and positives he need. The rest of the story develops through the eyes of Hari, who explains various story he has in his dream to Gauri.

The rest six stories what we have offered may not be the best ones out their, or even there is no connection at all. Rather they concentrates on different relations and love through different kind of people. The negative part in the flick, out of six tales, hardly half of them makes any mark in viewers mind. The rest only deserve to be mentioned for the performances of actors who often take the week script to all another level.

The first story and may be the best of the lot will be a journalist (Ann Augustine) who desperately tries to get an interview with an actor (Siddique). Actor on the other-hand look drunken and out of the competition. Though after the initial restriction she was able to get the much awaited interview of the actor, who opens his mind for the three questions which marks the best interview for her. Here we can see one of the best acting performance of Siddique and may be the reason we would love to watch Poppins.

Next two stories which is way to melodramatic and way too imagination, can’t be termed as the best of the lot. They are the stories of two kids (Baby Nayanthara and Master Dhananjay) and the other one of two elderly couples (Balachandran and Sreelatha).

For Kanthan (Indrajith) and Kantha (Padmampriya), the rain is a big threat to their life. However who always find a fortune finds an all new love tale with the tunes of the mighty rain.

Then we have a story of newly married couples (Nithya Menon and Kunchako Boban) offers much needed lighter moments to the entire Poppins. Where a women serves Payasam for his husband for all the three times, just because he love Payasam. And finally we have the story of  a Tamil Couple (Jayasurya and Meghna Raj) who happen to see themselves in a mirror first time.

The problem will be, some of the stories did not able to keep the audience engaged with the plot. And just look similar to documentaries  however the performance of Siddique and the lighter moments presented by Payasam will be a saving factors to the movie, only for that we wont regret watching Poppins. And the climax too is a good one.

Coming to the technicals, Ratheesh Veega once again stoles the lime light with beautiful songs. The trio Jomon T. John, Arun James, and Pradeesh M. Varma. Mahesh Narayan’s editing is good however the film has a slow narration most of the places.

For VK Prakash, this will not be a Trivandrum Lodge or Beautiful and of course he could have done better with this one. For the lengthy list of talented actors on the screen, there is no need to blame one for expecting one hell of a film.

“At the end Poppins do have lots of colors, and most of them looks colorful and did they taste good? As I said earlier the film tastes good if you decide to enjoy it, otherwise Poppins has plenty to blame, and may not be as tasty as much as that look colorful ”

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