Chettayees Movie Review

Movie : Chettayees
Director : Shajoon Kariyal
Music : Deepak Dev
Cast : Biju Menon, Lal, Miya
Now if you are the kind who find booze parties and all the antics happening there funny, chances are that you may find the first half of director Shajoon Kariyal’s Chettayees pretty fine.

Five friends, lawyer John Pallan (Lal), musician Kichu (Biju Menon), actor Roopesh Krishna (Suresh Krishna), chef Bava (P Sukumar) and a government employee named Babumon (debutant Sunil Babu) come together to celebrate a New Year’s Eve.

The gang is partying at John’s apartment and the rest of the residents in the complex are miffed by the activities of the five men.

With a simple storyline, which barely looks convincing at times, the film has mostly a shaky run. There are some genuine laughs sprinkled in between but is that reason enough to appreciate it?

In the film, the fun ends for the friends as the film reaches half way and sadly for the viewers the rest of the film turns out to be something of a nightmare.

The absence of a credible storyline looms large as the characters uses expletives often and the jokes are mainly on drinking and sex. Sachi’s script is fine in parts. Vinod Illampilly’s visuals are good and Deepak Dev scores well with the music.

As it is often synonymous with comedy films in Malayalam, the actors tend to yell out their dialogues here. Like, Lal for instance, who says most of the lines at the top of his voice.

Biju Menon, who has discovered his knack to make the viewers laugh after so many years in the industry, is good. Miya, who plays Biju Menon’s wife, maintains a single expression almost all along.

Chettayees hits the extremes, good and bad that is, and mostly fails to keep a healthy balance. It’s almost like a lazy effort that can leave you wanting for more. Now the choice is yours!

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