Cast:    Jeeva, Pooja, Nagesh, Karunas, Delhi Ganesh, T.P.Gajendran, ‘Kadhal’ Thandapani, Gana Ulaganathan, Seeman, Shanmugarajan, Lakshmanan, Caesar Manohar, Mahanathi Shankar, Ramkumar, Jegan, Jeya Murali, YSD Shekar, TK Saari
Direction:    Subramaniam Siva
Production:    PS. Rajendran
Music:    Dheena

If you have all the time in the world to do nothing else, go watch Pori. A seriously depressing movie with absolute lack of comedy, story line, good music and everything which goes into making a good movie.

Till the interval of the movie, you keep guessing what the story is all about and just keep thinking hard. And I guess, the movie could have very well started in the second half itself. Hari (Jeeva) is a guy who owns a small book shop or rather a renting shop. His father is a teacher at school and works hard and retires and supports his son. How is that for a change? Uma (Pooja) plays a role of journalist but not much visible in the movie. Her role is not clearly defined. Hari owns a shop on a street side and his father tries his best to help him and buys him a property elsewhere for him to do business. Apparently, the place which they got is another person’s property and the owners come with rage and break his shop. Time for a break. Hari comes back and tries to find out about who does this and why this is happening and the whole story revolves around that. Hari finds out that there is a huge business magnate who is trying to hoodwink people. In a funny or rather a weird way, he tries to catch up all these people involved. He exposes the guy and the end of the story.

The movie just surrounds on how these things happen and how people owning property on roads are often harassed by people and how common people are affected and cheated by such business people for their own benefits.

A little bit of romance with Uma happens in the middle with some songs. The songs were not even worth listening but the only positive aspect was the picturesque locations of the songs. In some scenes, when the business magnate’s house was raided by the IT department, there were some finer nuances which were noticed by many. For example, they show that they open some mp3 files on computer. Isn’t that really funny?

Jeeva was as usual in his acting. Nothing really spectacular. Pooja made a good screen presence. People were flocking out of movie halls mid way. Definitely not worth watching.

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