Prabhas do Billa 2?

Prabhas did Billa, remake of Tamil hit by the same name starring Ajith and won name for his portrayal of the suave mafia don.

Now a prequel is being made with Ajith titled Billa 2 by Telugu speaking director Chakri Toleti (of Eenadu fame). So question comes to our mind whether Prabhas is interested in remaking this in Telugu too?

Prabhas is currently busy with Lawrence’s Rebel and he will move on to Rajamouli’s big budget flick from 2012. Rajamouli’s film requires him to concentrate on that project for more than a year.

So Prabhas will have plenty of time to decide on remaking Billa 2. The producers of Ajith’s current movie are in no mood to dub the movie but sell off the remake rights.

Currently, the Tamil version’s shoot is going on in Ramoji Film City in Hyderabad.

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