Prabhu-Nayan find a new place

The celebrity couple Prabhu Deva and Nayanthara are getting ready for their marriage now and apparently they’ve found a new place to settle down. Buzzes rounding in airs are that Nayanthara is feeling uncomfortable to live in Chennai and is insisting on settling down in Singapore after their marriage. However some sources maintain that they plan to settle down in Mumbai in accordance with Prabhu Deva’s commitments in Bollywood.

Other sources claim that Nayan may settle in Singapore alone as they are planning to start a ‘Dance School’ there while Prabhu Deva can work on his projects here.

As of now, the couple remains tightlipped not revealing anything on their plans and all that we hear Nayan saying is that her priorities in life have changed now (she said so when asked about quitting films).

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