Prithvi has a great voice: Vikram

The superstar is of the opinion that Prithvi has a great voice and that he should be singing more. The actors were speaking at an interview on a Malayalam TV channel.

Vikram sang the title song of ‘Puthiyamugham’, sung by Prithvi. The latter said that Vikram was a great singer who had crooned four songs in ‘Kanthaswamy’ and that he was just making fun of him with this praise. But Vikram said that what he was saying was genuine and that he really liked Prithvi’s voice.

Vikram commented that his family liked the song featuring Prithvi and Aishwarya in the Tamil ‘Raavanan’ better than the one in the Hindi version featuring him. And for his part, Prithvi said that Vikram has made an impact in Bollywood and that his Mumbai friends had told him that after several years, a south Indian actor was being considered very hot. He added that he had not met an actor as perfect and down to earth as Vikram

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