Prithviraj’s Masters launched

Johnny Antony is directing Prithviraj in his new film Masters. Tamil actress from Mumbai Piaa would play the heroine in the film along with Ananya.

Another highlight of the film is Tamil actor Sasikumar of Subramaniapuram and Nadodigal fame would be playing Prithvi’s buddy.

A big pooja of the film was held recently in Kochi in which Mammootty, Blessy and others took part.

Jinu Abraham who has written the story, says it is about two bosom friends, played by Prithvi and Sasi who try different ways to fulfill their social responsibility.

Johnny Antony said at the launch that the film is about male bonding. Masters is being produced by V Sharathchandran under the banner of Sincere Cinema.

The cinematographer is Madhu Neelakantan while Pattanam Rasheed will do makeup. The shoot of the film will start from August 10.

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